Friday, February 11, 2011

Sticky fingers

Somewhere around the third grade I was getting made fun of bad because I did not have the same things other kids had. Instead of Nike shoes I had Hoops, Instead of Mead or 5star trapper keepers I had dollar store junk, instead of a super Nintendo I had Atari, instead of mechanical pencils I had generic yellow #2 pencils, ect...

Well it all started out with me figuring that if I had better things that I might not get picked on as much. So since I did not have money I started to steal things. It was not because I wanted them, but because the children who had them were cool. This only further separated me from my class mates. So I started doing things differently, I started to steal from my classmates not because I wanted the stuff but as a way of hurting them. i would take great pleasure in stealing there things and breaking them!

This went on until I was in 6th grade when I found a way to be cool, or so I thought. I found my father's porn collection, it was full of these little 8 page comics. There must have been like 200 of them. So I did what I do best, I stole some of them over the course of 3 months. I would take them to school and give them to the other kids so they would be my friend. This seamed to be working until these 2 kids in my class approached me and told me they would turn me in unless I gave them 1 each. So I gave them each one, one was a mickey mouse staring Donald duck and mini mouse, the other was a superman staring supergirl. Later that same day I got called down to the principals office. As it turns out they kept the superman and turned me in. I got suspended for 7 days, the principal gave me a spanking, and when I got home my father brat the shit out of me and I went the next 3 days living on just 2 pieces of unbuttered toast a day.

When I was asked why I did it, I said I don't know. When I was asked who else had any I said nothing. That day I realized what it was like to be used. no one stood up for me, they got what they wanted from me and through me away.

Sorry this is so short but I can not wright anymore right now. This is kinda painful to think about. I should have another post in a day or so.


  1. Ahh takes me back to when I attended school...
    Damn, I hated it. Haha.

  2. Life seens so unfair when we read stuff like this...

  3. Kids are super fucked, but all materialistic jackasses are, so no surprise there

  4. God, I hated being poor and growing up. But the best thing is, we as children learned to fight for what we could get, while all the rich ones had things handed to them.

    Guess which ones are more successful now that we are all grown and mommy and daddy's money has disappeared.

  5. I am 20 now, i lived on the streets for many years and in my cheap daewoo car, i am thankful for the things i have, many people are selfish

    i understand being poor too well

  6. The world we live in isn't as nice as we'd all like to think.

  7. yeah i totally had sticky fingers too.